Forensic Presevation of Digital Evidence on Mobile Devices from the Perspective of Efficient Generalized Forensics Framework for Mobile Devices (EGFFMD)

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Rizwan Ahmed
Rajiv V. Dharaskar, Vilas M. Thakare


The extraordinary development of mobile communications is a source of new security challenges. Today, mobile phones have become ubiquitous in nature involving their use in many daily activities, and sometimes those activities might be criminal in nature. The remarkable advancements in the technology and increase in computing power of these devices over last few years, has led to an increase of their functionality while keeping the size of such devices small enough to fit in a pocket. The use of mobile phones in criminal activities has led to the need of recovering the digital evidence data in them for the further investigations. It is therefore essential for investigators to be able to extract digital evidence quickly and accurately. The digital forensic examiner must know how to preserve and acquire digital evidence effectively from mobile devices. This paper provides an overview of digital evidence preservation issues, relevant solutions for digital forensics examiners, and tips for successful preservation of digital evidence on mobile devices.


Keywords: Digital Evidence, Mobile Forensics, Mobile Forensic tools, Smartphone


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