Network Reliability Evaluation of Fault Tolerant Varietal Hypercube Network

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N.K. Barpanda
R.K.Dash, Sudarson Jena


A cube based interconnection network is used to interconnect a large number of standalone processors. The cube based networks have been extensively used in multicomputer systems. As the interconnection network in a communication system cannot be implemented directly with commodity components as its design impacts critically on the performance and cost of the total system. With the increase in size, the complexity of the system increases under critical conditions. So its reliability prediction becomes quite essential and also the topology of interconnection becomes an important issue. This paper proposes a new, simple and general method to find the maximal incomplete sub cube of Varietal hypercube network when any node fails permanently. A recursive and generalized algorithm has been proposed for predicting the reliability of such system. The method is well illustrated by taking Varietal hypercube as an example and the network reliability of Varietal hypercube network is evaluated.

Keywords: Varietal hypercube , Maximal Incomplete sub cube, discarded region, Network reliability.


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