A Novel Data Replication Strategy in HADOOP

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3K.Durga Natasha
B.Sudheer Kumar, D.Sraveena, K.Sravanthi


Data management is the big issue in today’s world where data is the collection of vast information. So fast and accurate retrieval of data is an important task. Not only the fast retrieval of data but also the recovery of lost data is also an important task. This can be resolved by using “REPLICATION†(Replication can be defined as the process of maintaining multiple copies of same data and sharing the data with multiple devices). The replication strategy in Hadoop is to store three replicas, two in one rack and third one in a rack that is nearest to the previous rack. So there is a 0.1% chance of losing two rack servers at a time so in order to resolve the issue we proposed a novel technique of data replication strategy to decrease the chance of losing data and also to increase the availability of data.


Keywords: HDFS, AFS, NFS, CODA, Replication factor, Replication, Blobseer.


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