A Frame Work for Spatial Query Processing on Spatial Database

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T.Aruna Sri
Ch. Sanjay, Sudarson Jena


Spatial database is a database that is optimized to store and query data. In order to process spatial database a set of functions are needed to process spatial data types called geometry or feature .The main purpose of this framework is to adapt SQL queries and provide the best result among the available techniques of spatial query processing. Spatial objects are stored in the spatial database, which are expressed by spatial data and attribute data. Spatial data depicts the information about the location and shape of the spatial data, etc. Attribute data also expresses the non-spatial information about name and special attributes of the spatial object, etc. As the high volume of the spatial data and the complexity of spatial query and spatial objects, it is a hot topic of spatial database application to optimize the spatial query.


Keywords: Spatial data ; Spatial objects; Spatial database; Spatial Join; Spatial Index.


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