Detection and Prevention of Premium Number Fraud in Mobile Computing

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Marri Rami Reddy
Jadala Vijaya Chandra, Gyaderla Ranjith


The Fraud Detection is identifying unauthorized use of Telecommunication. There are different types of call frauds and the SMS Frauds from premium numbers, which include Wangari Calls and Wangari Call Backs. A Research Conducted taking a Scenarios of Ireland and India. The work carried out in detecting calling card fraud -- the fraudulent use of a calling card account in order to avoid paying for calls, concentrated on Fraud Detection, Prevention and Deterrence. The Different Possible Procedures to Block the entire Problem Premium numbers in the Network is projected. In paper we also discussed Mobile Computing Architecture and different data mining techniques that are used to collect data, demonstrating how the frauds will be predicated and various fraud detection techniques are discussed. The Design and implementation of a software tool is described along with the tool architecture and how the inner workings are interrelated. The conclusion is given for the Prevention and Protection with Experimental Results and Graphical Analysis of Tool Performance. The Final Objective of this Paper is restricting or blocking access to a series of premium numbers that have been used for a recent scam where customers see a ‘missed call’ and on dialing the number are charged at international premium rates.

Keywords: Wangari Calls, Mobile Computing, SMS Frauds, Call Frauds, Premium Numbers.


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