Imperial Analysis of Threats and Vulnerabilities in Cloud Computing

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Ruchita D. Londhe
Swati S. Sherekar, V. M. Thakare


Data security is one of the most crucial and a major challenge in the digital world. Security, privacy and integrity of data are demanded in every operation performed on internet. Whenever security of data is discussed, it is mostly in the context of secure transfer of data over the unreliable communication networks. Some common security techniques that can be employed to enhanced the security of the database against some known attacks and security threats. Its main objective is to provide secure, quick, convenient data storage and net computing services, with all computing resources visualized as services and delivered over the Internet. The main contribution of this paper is that to identify the main vulnerabilities and threats in Cloud Computing environment. This paper focuses on various threats and vulnerabilities ultimately we are able to improve the security.

Keywords: - Cloud Computing, Multitency, Security Issues, Threats, Vulnerability.


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