Enhance RAODV Protocol using Multipath and Incentive System in MANET

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Savitha RohiniK
Dhanasekar S


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) consist of a collection of wireless mobile nodes which dynamically exchange data among without reliance on a fixed base station or a wired backbone network and where the cooperation of nodes in packet forwarding is required for the network to function properly. However, since nodes in this network usually have limited resources, some selfish nodes might intend not to forward packets to save resources for their own use. In order to encourage the co-operation between the nodes in the system, many incentive mechanisms have been proposed like reputation system. In this paper, the efficiency of the incentive system has been analyzed based on past history of nodes in MANET and Enhanced The Reverse Ad Hoc on Demand Vector Routing Protocol (RAODV) by providing multipath packet forward system and Hybrid Reputation System (HRS) as Enhance Reverse Ad Hoc on Demand Vector Routing Protocol (ERAODV)..

Keywords: MANET; Reputation System; HRS; Packet Forward System; RAODV; Multipath Routing; ERAODV;


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