The Analysis of Constructing a Green Data Center in Iran

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Zahra Ghoreishi Dehkordi
Hassan Ali Shirazi


The ever-increasing costs of supplying energy as a part of total costs of any project and their environmental impacts have turned into a real challenge for IT industry and data centers in particular which are considered information processing and saving centers in IT industry which consume lots of energy. The need to optimize energy consumption is felt due to relatively fixed accessible energy sources, ever-increasing need to develop new data centers and expansion of existing centers. The present study aims at applying some green techniques and solutions in the construction of a green data center to reduce energy consumption and devastating impacts on the environment. A three-phase strategy is introduced in this regard which is comprised of a) assessment, b) analysis and c) solution. The present study takes one special country, Iran, into account; however, the steps presented could be taken in the construction of a green data center in any given country.

Key terms: Data centre, Green computing (green IT), Green technology and Efficient Energy Use.


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