Development of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Cryptography Algorithm for Wi-Fi Security Protocol

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Maghrib Abidalreda Maky Alrammahi
Harleen Kaur


Today all organizations generally rely on wireless networks for ease of movement and less expensive than wired networks but also wireless networks suffer from some of the disadvantages is the presence of some of the threats to the security of networks penetrate through passwords for Wi-Fi networks by hacker and this is a big problem and resolve this issue and during the development and improvement of some of the algorithms used encryption in wireless networks and increase protection and help to the difficulty of penetrating passwords, at the present time there are different types of encryption algorithms to provide protection for wireless networks as well as the help of these algorithms to provide information security and the health of the user, and operate these algorithms to achieve three priorities encryption such as integrity, confidentiality and authentication. This can be achieved with these three priorities, and promote the development of the encryption algorithm AES.


Keywords: Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity; Advanced Encryption Standard; Cryptography; Encryption; Decryption


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