Cyber Bullying: A Speed Breaker in the Information Technology Highway

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Ms. Ankita Srivastava
Ms. Sonali Yadav


Cyber bullying is a type of computer related crime which got fame in a very short time interval in our society. Cyber bullying has become more common in our society then physical harassment. Cyber bullying is when someone is harasses, threatened or frighten by use of internet or some electronic media. It is a technologically based attack and in this attack target audience is mainly the adolescents. It is a form of nuisances which disturbed the life of victim and leave them to live in afraid and fear for rest of their life. Mostly juvenile are bullied by cyber bullies by false accusations, emails, instant messages, phone calls and communication devices. It is assumed that over 80 % of the victims are juveniles and 20% is sometime someone else. If we go by the actual facts and figure the ratio may be increase but not decrease because most crimes of this type are not reported. This theoretical analysis focuses on the way in which cyber bullying is conducted, effect of cyber bullying on the society.


Keywords: Cyber bullying, cyber bullies and victim’s.


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