Economic Trust Model in Grid Computing Systems for Resource Selection

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Khazar salehi tabrizi
Neda Azari Khosroshahi


Grid technology provides the sharing different types of resources to get huge computational power, immense data and better services. Since resources are heterogeneous and widely geographical distributed in grid environments, resource selection and economy are the important challenges. This paper presents an economic trust model which aims at achieving a unique model incorporating various criteria that are important for the calculation of trust values and the decision whether or not to trust an entity. Among the existent criteria, cost trade off, test result, self defence capability, direct trust and reputation are exploited. A fuzzy method using Multi Criteria Decision Making is applied. The obtained results show better performance of the presented method with respect to the number of failed requests and waiting time, but it needs more execution time.


Keywords: trust, economy, cost trade off, reputation, multi criteria decision making


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