Energy Efficiency in WSN by implementing LEACH and PEGASIS

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Bhagwant Singh
Kumar Saurabh, Barjinder Singh


Since wireless sensor nodes have limited energy resource that cannot be recharged and are randomly scattered in the observation fields, energy efficiency becomes one of the most important problems. We begin our study with a review of basic terminology and protocols that are energy efficient as well as some proposed methods of improvement and performance. Following this we will review which aspects of these protocols can be further modified to improve performance and by their simulation results prove or disprove that there is cause to further research the proposed method of modifying the energy efficient algorithms. Some of the proposed algorithms include: LEACH, BCDCP, PEGASIS. We move our study from introduction of how network topology impacts performance to how the algorithms perform on the network to how introducing changes in the network topology and accommodating those changes with the algorithm affect performance. With these changes in mind, concluding we will propose research on another energy efficient algorithm which is enhanced LEACH with better QoS on the basis of best path selection and compared with PEGASIS.

Keywords:-Sensors, Zones, cluster, LEACH, PEGASIS


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