Protocols Governing Clustering in MANETS

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Piyush Makani
Saumya Srivastava, Saurabh Gupta


This paper discusses about various protocols which govern communication in an infrastructure-less Mobile Ad-hoc network. Also efficient protocols and algorithms are proposed for the effective communication in MANET. The existing protocols which basically govern the process of clustering are not very apt for communication and have certain drawbacks. Analysis of results has provided a direction to move on by proposing new protocols and algorithms for clustering. This has been an area of interest among the scientist and the researchers for a long time as there is no fixed infrastructure or architecture in MANET for communication purpose as against in a fixed infrastructure based cellular system. Therefore while implementing communication in MANET by simply mapping the concepts of base station (fixed infrastructure cellular system), various issues may crop up like limited battery power, scalability, available band width etc. This study introduces the topic of clustering and the various protocols involved with clustering in order to establish communication in MANET.

Keywords: Manet, Cluster, Coloured Petri Nets(CPN), Critical Transmission Range(CTR)


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