The Techniques behind the Electronic Signature based upon Cryptographic Algorithms

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Rajib Ghosh
Avik Dey, Subhasree Dey


Cryptography mainlydeals with keeping the information by converting it into anindecipherable formatwhich is called cipher text. The user, who retains a secret key, cangenerate the cipher text into plain text. Cryptography algorithms have many important parts; one of them is Electronic signature. The electronic signature suite is an assembly of various components i.e., algorithm of hash functions key generation, signing algorithms, verification algorithms and hash functions techniques.It mostly deals with the maintenance events for applying cryptographic hash functions like Sha-1, RIPEMD-160, WHIRLPOOL etc. and the signature algorithms/techniques like RSA, DSA,EC-GDSA etc.

Keywords: Cryptography, Electronic Signature Suite, Hash functions, DSA.


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