Inspiration from the Human Society to Design an Active Queue Management Scheme

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S. N. S. Hashemi
S. Jamali


Nowadays, multidisciplinary approaches have found extensive applications in many scientific research areas. At the time computer networking has adopted many multidisciplinary solutions such as nature-inspired algorithms and protocols. This paper proposes that the human society can also serve as a source of inspiration to design effective solutions for the computer networking. Toward this idea, the computer network is considered as a computer society in which the social theories are employed to develop effective algorithms and protocols. As the first step for this novel and promising branch, this paper employs a well-known work psychology theory, namely, ADAM's Equity theory to design a high-performance AQM scheme for the Internet. Extensive packet level simulations in ns-2 environment show that the proposed algorithm, called ET-RED exhibits an improved performance in comparison with the most common AQM algorithm of the Internet i.e. RED.


Keywords: computer, networking, AQM, RED, ET-RED


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