AI & NN Based Robot Who Can Read - Human Mind

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Uttama Suryavanshi


As technology has advanced, many have wondered whether (or simply when) artificial intelligent devices will replace the humans who perform complex, interactive, interpersonal tasks such as dispute resolution . This paper overviews the applications of artificial intelligence and neural networks of the field, where the AI & NN are combine used together and discusses the critical role of AI & NN played for Policeman, because day by day Criminal ratio is increases. Policeman for prove Criminals & Terrorist’s crime using Narco test, Brain mapping, DNA test, Lie detective test & etc, but they devices are not give to desirable result. Sometimes Criminal change to evidence & release to crime . In coming year help of Artificial Intelligence & Neural Network can stop to crime & criminal ratio. This mind blowing concept is based on AI & NN. A Robot ,based on AI & NN concept , who can read human mind. And give a fruitful result for Policeman. In this paper explain working principle of mind readable Robot’s . A mind reading robot is a highly advanced robotic technology that is capable of reading mind by way of electric signals. The crux of the mind reading robotic technology is to allow a human to use his/her thoughts and communicate his intention to move to the computer. Human mind-reading may be divided into five main categories, namely, emotions, desires, attentions, intentions and beliefs. A robot that feels, sees and, in particular, thinks and learns like us. In his work he wants to implement the cognitive process of the human brain in robots , neuroscientists are seeking to realize mind-reading Robots that translate neural activity into mental contents.

Keywords - Brain–computer, Electroencephalography, Aquaint , Mimicking, Kismet.


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