Review on Network and Device Aware QOS Approach for Cloud Based Mobile Streaming

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Reshma T R
Jasmine Joseph


Multimedia services provide an efficient, flexible, and scalable data processing method and offer a solution for the user demands of high quality and diversified multimedia. As intelligent mobile phones, tablets and wireless networks have begun popularize, network services for users are no longer limited to the home. The public has started to use mobile devices to view the multimedia videos by means of streaming. All multimedia file format is not supported by the mobile devices. Users always expect to watch file at anytime from anywhere, no matter what changes occur in the network environments. To overcome the limited bandwidth available for mobile streaming and different device requirements, presented a network and device-aware Quality of Service approach that provides multimedia data suitable for a terminal unit environment. It further considering the overall network environment and adjusting the interactive transmission frequency and the dynamic multimedia transcoding. Based on the bandwidth value the appropriate transcoding format is selected, hence avoiding the wastage of the bandwidth and the terminal power. QoS approach could provide efficient self adaptive multimedia streaming services for varying bandwidth environments.


Keywords: Cloud multimedia, Adaptive QoS, Network and device aware.


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