Open Source Secure Cloud Storage used to Dynamic Load Balancing Model

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S. Pragadeeswaran
M. Sakthivel


Load balancing in the cloud computing environment has an Essential collision on the recital. load balancing introduce cloud computing more and well-organized and improves user contentment This paper improve a enhanced load balance model for the public cloud based on the cloud partitioning concept with a switch and portioning mechanism to choose different strategies for different situations like Critical warning ,Up , down The mode applies load balancing strategy to improve the efficiency in the public cloud environment. Using Cloud Storage, users can remotely store their data and enjoy the on-demand high quality applications and services from a shared pool of configurable computing resources without the burden of local data storage and maintenance we are introduce the openstack it provide the single node multi node based on that it generate the token id and tenen id through this resource allocator allocate the requesting resource . assigned resource is in warning or Critical state generate one Interrupt signal to the cloud server by nagios monitoring tool providing web user interface the web user interface along with set of web controls it act as user interface collection . This data information forward to activity work flow in that frame work decide approval or reject with help of development frame work this information forwarded to open stack folson entire state is monitor by nagios monitoring it providing privacy and secure cloud storage . In this paper, we first discuss related works and present the scope of this overview. Also, we outline the main component of openstack and nagios monitoring installation main system model. Resource allocator with controller. challenges of the field as these multi node version the various approaches that are reported in literature. Finally, we briefly describe the most commonly how to interact tenid in multi node in secure cloud storage

Key Words : load balancing model; public cloud; cloud partition; game theory Data storage, open source ,open stack, nagios monitoring state, public Activity work flow ,cloud computing.


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