Sea Encryption Algorithm for Information Security Using Code Sheet

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N. Geethanjali
M. Ramya


Information Security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access. Cryptography is used in Information Security to protect information through the technique named by encryption and decryption. The project is about the design of a new Cryptographic algorithm namely “Sea Encryption Algorithm (SEA)†for securing the information. It consists of two phases namely encryption and decryption separately. In the encryption module, it accepts the actual text (A) and key (K) for encryption and it divide both the actual text and key in different process. The decryption can be done by using the code sheet, which includes three types of code namely the Accept code, Print code and the Input code. The decrypted data can be viewed by the receiver if the person knows the key and the code sheet design. It provides less time complexity and overcomes the disadvantages of existing systems like AES, DES and DDES. Keywords: Sea. Encryption, code, sheet


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