A Survey On Signal Sharing Over Mobile Phones

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T. Rajesh
Y.Rajesh, T.Kishore Babu


Now a day, Every one is using mobiles. Since mobile support mobility we can move easily from one Location to another location. .Each subscriber will choose some network for handling calls. If the signal for the network is not up to the mark, then the subscriber has a chance to change the network .ie: network portability. Here every subscriber having common problem: The network we are choosing may not have signals in some areas (Remote areas) then the subscriber cannot make/Receiver any type of calls from the network. It is the major drawback in all the Networks. Due to this problem, the subscriber may loose valuable information. .My paper having a solution for the above problem. My idea is to share the signal of another network (Shared network) which is available in that area. To implement this methodology, all the network have to communicate with each other by having some protocols. when the signal of the Home network (Current network ) is not available then mobile node will search for all networks .Then subscriber will connect to the network with can provide quality signal in that area. Might be the cost for a call will be little bit high compared to the current network

Keywords: Portability ,Current Network; sharing ; subscribers



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