Lowcost and High Anonymity Protection to Manets through Alert

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Mr.V. Tamizhazhagan
Dr. R. Saminathan, Ms. V. Niranchana


manets feature such as self-organizing and independent infrastructures make them an ideal choice for uses such as communication and information sharing. They use anonymous routing protocols that hide node identities and/or routes from outside observers in order to provide anonymity protection. On the other hand, limited resource is an inherent problem in manets, in which each node labors under an energy constraint. Manets’ complex routing and stringent channel resource constraints impose strict limits on the system capacity. Further, the recent increasing growth of multimedia applications (e.g., video transmission) imposes higher requirement of routing efficiency. However, existing anonymous routing protocols generate a significantly high cost, which exacerbates the resource constraint problem in manets. In a manet, employing a high-cost anonymous routing is a battle. To offer high anonymity protection at a low cost, the project proposes an anonymous location-based efficient routing protocol (alert). Alert dynamically partitions the network field into zones and randomly chooses nodes in zones as intermediate relay nodes, which form a non-traceable anonymous route. Alert hides the data initiator/receiver among many initiators/receivers to strengthen source and destination anonymity protection. Thus, offers anonymity protection to sources, destination, and routes. Anonymous routing protocol is crucial in manets to provide secure communication by hiding node identities and preventing traffic analysis attack from outside observers.

Keywords - Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Anonymity, Routing Protocol, Geographical Routing


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