A Critical Look of USSD Technology Adoption and Benefits

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Kenneth Otula Sigar
Omari Kebiro Jared


This paper tries to explore benefits that the mobile Telephone users and telecommunication stakeholders can derive from an existing mobile technology called unstructured supplementary service data (USSD).Usage of Mobile Phones has increased so tremendously to the extent that it has become part and parcel of mankind in the recent times. This paper goes further to elaborate to both the technical and non-technical users the primary benefits of USSD applications and also bring out the behind the curtain of this technology.USSD is known to bring out easy way of doing something and therefore this paper aims to exploit the features of USSD at the point of interaction with end users and paint USSD as the best technology to be adopted by telecommunication service providers so that it can accommodate both the illiterate and literate users and people far and beyond without much cost.


Keywords: USSD, Telecommunication, stakeholders, Mobile, Technology.


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