Enhanced Gap Sequencing Shell Sort

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Agam Verma
Jitender Kumar Sharma


Sorting algorithms are used for arranging alist of numbers or characters in an ascendingor descending order.Many sorting algorithmshave been proposed for sorting a given sequence,some important algorithms of themare Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort,SelectionSort,Shell sort and many more. Sorting algorithms puts elements in a certain order suchas numerical or lexicographical order.Shellsort is the fastest algorithm in comparison tobubble,insertion and selection.Shell sort is anenhanced version of insertion sort. It reducesthe number of swaps of the elements beingsorted to minimize the complexity and timeas compared to insertion sort.Shell sorting algorithm sorts the elements according thegap sequences.The operations depends on theused gap sequences(many gap sequences havebeen proposed).In this paper we analyze thealgorithm by using the following gap sequence:N1;N2;N3;…; 1,where N1 = floor (3n/4); N2 = floor (3N1/4); N3 = floor (3N2/4); ………………….; ………………….;
Nk = floor (3Nk-1/4) and so on until the value of Nk becomesone. Here ‘n’ is the number of elements to besorted.



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