An approach for Dynamic Software Security Testing of Web based Applications

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Pradeep Muruganandam


In today’s data centric world coupled with enormous power of software and Internet, the need for software security is very essential. Various new attacks are formulated and all the attacks need to be countered to secure data from malicious attacks. Software Security testing serves the same purpose. Web applications are usually the target of Attacks like SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting or Denial of Service (DOS) [1]. All these attacks compromise on data safety, integrity and confidentiality. Several methods need to be handled for preventing these types of attacks. This paper details one such mechanism which tries to weed out the threat from the various web based threats to the software. This paper details a method which is based on IP based scanning of accounts, Java Script usage in an efficient way and also the efficient implementation of service providing algorithm to be employed on web services to weed out inactive accounts which are idle but logged in. [2]

Keywords— Attack, Threat, Vulnerability, Authorization, Brute Force, Security, Safety, Confidentiality, Scanning.,


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