An Efficient and Secure Searching Model for Outsourced Cloud Data

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Shynu P.G
Meena Jose, Merris Mary Chacko


Cloud computing is a current prominent technology, which has contributed numerous development in the field of computing. In addition to all the benefits of cloud computing, it initiates the efficient monitoring of data service outsourcing. The main activity the users can perform in cloud is storing, sharing and retrieving data. Cloud act like a centralized storage system where all information are well kept and anyone can access it. So there arises a need to encrypt the data before realizing it to the public cloud. To search a data in cloud is a tedious task and to minimize the difficulty level of searching, currently Boolean search technique is adopted. But it has got so many drawbacks as it is more time consuming and produces irrelevant results. To overcome this difficulty a new model is proposed which ensures more security for user’s data. A ranked keyword based searching over encrypted data is put forward. In this scheme users are allowed to search over encrypted data. Whenever users take information from cloud it is produced in a ranked order. This method of ranked searching facilitates the usability of system in a great manner by finding the exact matching copy of the file in an arranged order considering important elements like keyword frequency. A privacy enabled data hosting scheme is deployed in the field of cloud computing. The facility to download and view the searched data is enabled which enhance server side ranking with no loss of data. The inefficiency of secured searching is solved in this proposed system. The proposed system is more users friendly and interactive.

Keywords: Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), Message Digest 5 (MD5), Third Party Audit (TPA).


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