A Survey of Routing Protocols for Opportunistic Mobile Adhoc Networks

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Er.Maggi Goyal
Er.Manoj Chaudhary, Er.Abhishek Bharti


Opportunistic networks are the network in which the nodes are wirelessly connected and the nodes can be fixed or mobile. This network is usually based on asynchronous communication in which the packets are not delivered at the same rate. In Opportunistic Networks (OppNets), routing is one of the main challenges. This paper presents a survey of routing protocols for opportunistic mobile adhoc networks. The protocols can be AODV, Epidemic Routing, PROPHET, Spray and Wait. This paper gives the techniques for the routing of these algorithms with some problem solutions. The techniques are based upon different approaches like Dissemination-Based, Context-Based, Fixed Infrastructure and Mobile Infrastructure Based approaches. In this paper survey shows the comparative study of the algorithms and the techniques used for them.

Keywords: Opportunistic networks, AODV, Epidemic Routing, PROPHET, Spray and Wait.


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