A Survey on (k,n) and (n,n) Probabilistic Size Invariant Schemes in Visual Cryptography

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M.Nirupama Bhat
K. Usha Rani


In this information age, there is an increased concern towards the privacy and security of information stored in the computer systems .Visual Secret Sharing Schemes(VSS) are secured way of storing data in the form of images, divided it into a number of shares and kept at different locations in a distributed form. Recovery of the secret image is performed by stacking all or few of the shares together. Traditional VSS schemes have a drawback of pixel expansion. This can be overcome by the size invariant probabilistic schemes of Visual Cryptography. This paper studies some of the size invariant (k,n) and (n,n) schemes and analyses the characteristics of the recovered image

Keywords: Visual secret sharing schemes, Size invariant probabilistic schemes, Visual Cryptography


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