A Novel Approach to the Performance and Security Enhancement Using Blowfish Algorithm

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Manikandan G
Krishnan G, Vaidhyanathan V


In this world, whatever information that we send can easily be cracked by any third party by intruding it. This obviously results us in a
condition to rely upon the science of preserving secrecy and security to our message. This can be very much achieved via a strong encryption
algorithm. Blowfish block cipher is one of its kind which still remains as one of the strong encryption algorithm that is not breaked completely
till date. It also has a comfortable design which suits for any enhancement or modification in its structure. This is one such work which enhances
the performance and provides even a bit more security to the already existing Blowfish Algorithm and it is proved and justified experimentally.


Keywords: Block cipher, Blowfish, F-Function, Security, Performance.


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