A Novel Hybrid Structure of SVC and IPFC for Static Voltage Stability Margin Improvement

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Reza Sedaghati
Ahmad Rohani


In this paper, the structure of Hybrid Power Flow Controller (HPFC) is proposed in order to improve static voltage stability characteristics. HPFC forms a hybrid controller using IPFC series converters as a hybrid with existing parallel and passive compensator (SVC) in power system. Utilization of hybrid structures makes it possible to use converters for improving performance of both old and existing compensators in power networks. In this study, the power injection model (PIM) is used to model the hybrid power flow controller in Newton load flow. The aforementioned model is simulated in MATLAB software. The P-V curves of PQ buses of a typical system are evaluated by a Continuous Power Flow (CPF) method to analyses the effect of this controller on static voltage stability characteristics. Meanwhile, SVC as existing devices in the system and UPFC and IPFC as state-of-the-art compensator devices are compared with the proposed hybrid structure. The amount of active and reactive power loss and improvement of loading limit of the system are used as main parameters in our comparison.

Keywords: loading factor; static voltage stability; continuous power flow; power injection model.


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