Development of an Expert System for Dimensional and the Resolution of Soil Texture using Data Mining Concept

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M. Balakrishnan
C. Parthiban


Expert systems have recently attracted the attention of agricultural scientists for application in a variety of information development and transfer situations. These computer software systems are designed to simulate one or more of the ways that a human expert uses his or her knowledge and experience in making a diagnosis or a recommendation. We believe that knowledge-based systems offer considerable potential to help us organize and transmit problem-solving expertise. This should foster and stimulate application of agronomic knowledge in concepts rather than as simple facts or observations as in the past. Expert systems are useful for us in agronomy and soil science and probably in agriculture and biological science. Soils vary greatly in their nature and extent of development depending on the environmental setting in which they have evolved. For example under arid conditions, nature does very little to alter the parent material from which the soils have developed. On the other hand, under tropical conditions the soils differ so much from their parent material that an identification of the original parent rock is very difficult.

Key words: Expert System, Data Mining, Soil, Soil types, Climate, Parent materials


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