Application of Artificial Neural Network to Fault Detection in Telephone Switching System

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Afolabi A.O


One of the major problems in the telecommunication industry is the intermittent behaviors of the telephone switch. The application of IT technologies that make use of telephone network is dramatically increasing. There is a growing demand to rapidly detect and repair fault telecommunication lines, thus calls for proper monitoring. This paper discussed a means of detecting fault on a telephone line by the use of Artificial Neural Networks, current anticipation and localization procedures and suggest means of identifying potential faults within the network. It also discusses at the results that were obtained when using an Artificial Neural network to create voice sensitive music software. As a result of the data intensity of a TSS, an ANN architecture called feed forward back propagation is adopted and trained using MATLAB neural network toolbox. The results btained provides a better way of detecting fault in a telephone network.

Keywords: Telecommunications, Artificial Neural Network


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