Development of Semantic Analyzer for Audio Steganography Using Spread Spectrum Technique

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Anamika Sharma
Pushpinder Singh


In the current world of information technology, the sending and receiving of digital data through network is not secure up to the extent. There is a need to maintain the robustness and imperceptibility property of the data. So a technique is used, that fulfill these requirements is audio steganography that take the advantages of human auditory system to hide the digital data. In this research work, I have proposed two step audio steganography technique. In the first step spread spectrum technique is used that spread secret information across the audio signal’s frequency spectrum as much as possible and in the second step semantic analyzer is used to check whether the data received on the recipient side is semantically correct and in order. The end result will show the amount of data embedding, quality and compression of the audio file at 32kbps, 64kbps and 128kbps and the data received is in order and semantically correct.

Keywords: Audio Steganography, Information Hiding, Security, Spread Spectrum, Semantic Analyzer


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