A Comparative Study of Image Restoration Algorithms using Images from different areas of imaging

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Sruti Sruba Bharali
Daisy Das


In this paper we consider a comparative study of different image restoration algorithms. The images are blurred by using both known and unknown degradation functions. The study emphases on restoration of blurred images by using both blind and non-blind restoration techniques like Lucy Richardson Algorithm (LRA), Weiner Filter Deconvolution (WFD), Regularized Filter Deconvolution (RFD) and Blind Image Deconvolution Algorithm (BIDA). Apart from regular images, images from different areas of imaging like medical images and satellite images are considered for this study. Experimental results for the four different image restoration techniques are compared on the basis of performance metrics like PSNR(Peak Signal to Noise Ratio), MSE(Mean Square Error) and RMSE( Root Mean Square Error).

Keywords: Image Restoration Algorithm, Lucy Richardson Algorithm, Weiner Filter Deconvolution, Regularized Filter Deconvolution, Blind Image Deconvolution Algorithm, Medical images, Satellite image


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