Robust Hybrid Feedback Control Design for Ramp Metering using Sliding Mode Control

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Bhawna Sharma
Devanand, Pushkin Kachroo


The paper presents the feedback control design for controlling the inflow into the freeways to reduce traffic congestion using hybrid dynamics based on sliding control methodology. Earlier approaches for designing ramp metering based on discretized linearized methods or non linear designs using lumped parameters have limitations which are overcome using sliding mode control. The sliding controller design provides a systematic approach to the problem of maintaining stability and consistent performance. One of the most common handicaps for applying sliding mode control to real applications is chattering problem. This problem has been dealt by using boundary layer approach. Accordingly, we propose a novel sliding mode control without chattering. The proposed sliding mode control removes the chattering phenomenon by replacing a sign function with a continuous function. The simulation results for the model are also presented.

Keywords: Freeways, hybrid dynamics, sliding control, ramp metering, chattering.


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