Modeling and Substantiation of Mobile Adhoc Hierarchical Protocols for Wireless Adhoc Networks

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Rashpinder Pal Sharma
Jagbir Singh, Dr. R. Malhotra


Ad hoc networks (MANET) are networks which routing is based on multi-hop routing from a source to a destination node or nodes. There are abundant pertinent protocols for ad hoc networks. This work deals with a classification of ad hoc routing protocols The prominence of this work is not to present protocols in detail but to present main features of wide variety of different protocols and evaluate their suitability and tradeoffs. The networks can be tested for different state of affairs by isolating some network part or by deactivating crucial network links. The simulation time can be adjusted for better understanding of parameters behavior and for desired performance of the network.

Keywords: MANET, Protocols, Classification, performance check.


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