Memory Reclamation by Garbage Collectors: SPECjvm 2008

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Nitan S. Kotwal
Shubhnandan S. Jamwal


In earlier languages the memory management is done explicitly by the programmer himself. Now with the advent of modern object oriented languages like Java and C# the programmer is relived from explicitly managing the memory. A special program thread known as garbage collector takes care of managing the memory implicitly. The process of automatically reclaiming memory from dead objects (the objects that are not referenced from program or any other live object) is known as garbage Collection (GC). There are various metrics that affect the performance of the mutator. In the current research paper we have experimentally tested the four garbage collectors on various benchmarks of SPECjvm2008 and calculated how much memory is reclaimed after each (minor and major) collection.

Keywords: Collectors, Minor Collection, Major Collection, Mutator, Benchmarks, Memory Reclaimed.


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