Emulation of Snort on Deter Testbed

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Luvpreet Kaur
Monika Saluj, Krishan Saluja


In the present era Internet has changed the normal way of performing the essential services such as banking, defense, trade, and marketing being operated. These operations of our day to day life are replaced by cheaper, more effect Internet based applications. It happens all because of the growth of the internet but with advancement the number of attacks on these services is increasing day by day. During internet design the more emphasis is on its functionality rather than the security due to which so many loop holes are generated in the internet. The possible way to detect those loop holes and then protects the system from the attack. The Intrusion Detection System is one type of guard which protect our network from attacking the by detecting the reason or way by which attack is performed. To configure the Intrusion Detection system we required a system and to test an Intrusion Detection System we required a complete setup lab or a network of computers. DETER EMULAB is one kind of lab based on emulation which provides us facility for performing the experiment related to the network security. In this paper we present our ongoing work of deployment and operation of an Intrusion Detection System Snort (which sniffs the packets and check the possibility of attack on our system and alert us regarding the occurrence of attack) on DETER EMULAB node.

Keywords: Snort; Deter; IDS ; Defense;.Mysql


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