SAAM Model: To Improve Attendence Analysis Management System Using Soft Computing

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Anil K. Dubey
Mrs. Prakriti Trivedi


Currently Computer Science research centers are moving towards computing research. They are also followed by many research institutions/organization they are continuing research in soft computing. The probable is used due to its broad field of investigation for neural networks and fuzzy logic with probability computing. Foundations of Soft Computing include systematic development of one—standard based theoretical concept of mathematics to reach fuzzy logic and other relevant approaches to control both probabilistic and possibility. Here we propose a new model (SAAM) for student attendance system. The model highlights the fundamental trade-offs in soft computing through the evaluation of empirical study and experience report on different cases of soft computing for students. Finally we focus on the future research in this field and importance of SAAM model.

Keywords: soft computing; SAAM model, fuzzy logic, attendance, management.


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