Towards Virtualization in Cloud Computing

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Mohammad Masdari
Behnam Zebardast, Yaghoub Lotfi


Cloud computing is a model for easy access upon request network which can be configured to a set of computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, services, and applications). It can be provided upon request with lowest labour and without the meddling of the user. Of serious problems faced by IT managers is Excessive number of single-purpose server hardware. The main reason for the increasing number of such hardware is incompatible applications which are running on different servers. As a result, system administrators prefer to run applications on separate servers. It imposes additional cost for service providers and users. In this paper, we discuss about the utilization of virtualization for server consolidation and to reduce the overall cost and reducing the number of servers.

Keywords: Cloud computing; virtualization; servers consolidation; reducing the overall cost


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