Virtual-IP Routing Architecture Using OpenFlow

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Abhinandan Goti
Annapurna Patil


This work is aimed to provide an infrastructure for virtual IP routing in a central controller driven architecture. The framework is virtual system which works according to customers requirements in network service areas where the physical architecture of network need not required to change for each customer’s requirement, instead the virtual environment is created for that particular customer. This routing architecture provides several benefits over the traditional routing. In this approach the routing intelligence is maintained by the application software and the controller. Whereas the traditional Networking gears can be replaced by commodity hardware capable of forwarding packets based on flows. The Software Driven Network architecture allows for a larger control by the user in route selection thus satisfying the growing need for a more granular route selection. This opens various new opportunities especially in multi-tenanted networks by enabling to provide routing as a service (RaaS) [1].

Keywords: Openflow technology, Switch Controllers, Virtualization, Open vSwitch, Routing-as-a-Service


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