Secure Data Forwarding and Dependable Storage Services in Hybrid Cloud Computing

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Lishabeni W Lotha
Jyothi R


For an increased level of scalability, availability and durability, some customers may want their data to be replicated on multiple cloud servers. The more copies the cloud service provider (CSP) is asked to store, the more fees the customers are charged. Moreover, it allows authorized users (i.e., those who have the right to access the owner’s file) to seamlessly access the file copies stored by the CSP, and supports public verifiability. The proposed scheme is proved to be secure against colluding servers. However, the importance of cloud server also makes them attractive to attackers. In this paper, to provide confidential and reliable data transfer from the data owner to the remote user through the cloud server, we construct an efficient provable data possession scheme for distributed cloud storage. Here confidentiality or privacy is protected by, making the request to the data owner. If the requested user is registered in the data owner then the data owner will be providing the secret key to the requested user. Using that secret key the user will request the cloud server for a particular file. If the secret key matches in the cloud server, then the user will receive the file. Else the user will not receive the file and he will be detected as an attacker. Integrity is provided by, giving the data owner the capability to update any modification done to the data stored in the cloud server.

Keywords- Confidentiality; Reliability; Encryption; Network Efficiency; Cloud Server.


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