Credit Risk and Self-Friendship tree Techniques for Greedy node Detection and Correction in Wireless Sensor Network using ns-2

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Brahm Prakash Dahiya


In Wireless Sensor Network greedy node problem is very complicated. When the data transmission start and all node nodes make the connection with each other. During the data transmission some nodes are not cooperative for each other on recourse sharing, this types of node called greedy node. Many techniques are applied to detect the greedy nodes but they are failed to detect the greedy node. To avoid greedy node detection problem the author will propose a novel approach. In this paper the author will use credit risk technique to detect the greedy node and self friendship tree will use to correct the greedy node. In this paper the author will implement the greedy node detection and correction technique using the ns-2 simulator.

Keywords:- WSN, Greedy node, SFT, NS-2.


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