A Survey on Secure Source-Controlled Forwarding Mechanism

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Somnath Jagdale
Dr. B. B. Meshram


Most of the time we provide security to the our internet by application layer perspective so attacker trying to exploit at network layer by ip snooping and ip spoofing, Man-in-middle attack and ARP spoofing. Previous various researches provided solution for this but all that solution require more effort to implement in real world and all networking node should be designed with fully intelligent capability. In this paper we introducing the secure source routing mechanism in which end user gives control over routing and achieving the flexible communication. The main technique we introducing in this paper is simple crypto graphical constraints on routing entries. We show that it is possible to prevent major attacks on end-host and restrict all types of flooding attacks that are launched on network infrastructure nodes to small constant value.

Index terms - internet architecture, routing attacks, security, constraints, network pointers.


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