Towards Secure and Efficient Mobile Cloud Computing for Medical data sharing using Attribute based Encryption

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Gargi. N
Sharada. K.A


The healthcare sector represents one of the most important and growing industry in terms of support from IT. Existing healthcare systems are built on workflow that consists of paper medical records, duplicated test results, on digitized images, handwritten notes. Hospitals and providers are facing the risk of capacity shortage to securely store and share patient medical records and information. Multiple efforts are made to modernize medical records for greater efficiency, improved patient care, patient safety, and patient privacy and cost savings.. Health information Exchange (HIE) is the provision of exchanging healthcare information within or across organization. We implement attribute based encryption (ABE) to encrypt patients Personal Health record (PHR) file An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the effective capture, dissemination, and analysis of medical and health related information for a single patient and it will handle all the users query and give the online solutions via mobile cloud immediately.

Index Terms: Personal health records, cloud computing, attribute-based encryption


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