Statistical Analysis of Secret Message Hiding in Steganography Using Asymmetric Cryptosystem

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VeerendraKumar. Chotupalli
Venkata Mutyalu Kavidi


In recent trends, information security is playing a vital role in data transmission. Steganography, cryptography is a play a major roles in the field of information security, Steganography Embed the text into cover image and cryptography convert plain text into the cipher text vice versa. Various algorithms proposed for Steganography, cryptography for safe transmission of the data. But intruder will also indentify the secret message in the, in this paper combine[1] the both cryptography and Steganography methods and a comparison is done by stegano image generate a stegano image. Various statistical parameters are analyzed and compare with resultant image and cover image. In this paper Secret message are converted into cipher text then embed the cipher text into the image. In this paper use two techniques, RSA[2,3] and NTRU[4,5]. Both are asymmetric cryptosystem techniques.RSA is the most popular and oldest techniques, NTRU (Nth degree truncated ring unit polynomial) is a collection mathematical algorithms perform simple operations of very small integers. LSB[6] method is used for the Steganography, in this method has less distortion and embeds more data into the cover image.. Compare stego image with some statistical methods[7] and identify. The proposed method prevents the possibilities of steganalysis also.

Keywords: Steganography,Cryptography,RSA,NTRU,LSB.


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