An Improved Genetic Algorithm with Clustering Techniques to Extend Network Lifetime in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

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T.Venu Madhav
N V S N Sarma


This paper presents adoption of genetic algorithm (GA) with clustering techniques to improve the lifetime for homogeneous and heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks. The newly proposed fitness threshold for these types of networks is able to select the most energy efficient nodes to become Cluster Heads every round. They are based on their residual energies during every round of the epoch. The proposed algorithms i.e., Improved GA Homogeneous and Improved GA Heterogeneous algorithms had shown better network lifetime with the help of new fitness threshold. They are also able to send more packets to BS as well as nodes to form cluster heads to more rounds with reduced energy dissipation in the network. The performances of these algorithms are compared with the two tier clustering algorithms to demonstrate that they have better network lifetime.

Keywords: wireless Sensor Networks; routing algorithms; network lifetime; clustering; energy consumption


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