Perceived Risk of Information Security and Privacy in Electronic Commerce

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Bandar B.M Alotaibi
Christian Bach


The lack of trust in e-commerce affects the profit of any business. Businesses should secure their web sites in order their costumers be confident when provide their sensitive information on the web. There are several factors that help businesses to protect their costumers from malicious attacks. Also, businesses use these factors for marketing businesses because most customers look at these factors before dealing with the intended e-commerce organization. The research goal is accomplished by several mechanisms such as analysing some factors that help to achieve the research goal, using some similar factors that have been used previously by experts in the field and eliminate some factors that are not beneficial to achieve that goal and focus on some factors that help customers of perceiving risk of information security and privacy. The paper is demonstrating extensive analytical techniques to help mitigate the security risks in real life. The paper classify the customers and provide security level for the customer in order to protect the customer from potential threats and how they become familiar with the risks that they may face when dealing with e-commerce sites. This research improves existing methodologies by using the strongest factors to achieve the perceived risk of information security and privacy for the customers and e-commerce sites alike.

Keywords: E-Commerce, Perceived Risk, Information Security, Privacy, Trust.


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