Architecture Model for Communication between Multi Agent Systems with Ontology

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Vishal Jain
Dr. Mayank Singh


Internet is considered as repository of collection of web documents. The documents may be unstructured, structured and semi-structured. It is known that mostly of these documents are unstructured. Although there is larger number of documents residing on web storage house, still the users are unable to find relevant information about given domain. The reason is the uncertainty of documents that creates users in dilemma by providing hundreds of results and keywords in response to given query. This paper illustrates the use of JADE (Java Agent Development Framework) in improving the process of information retrieval. JADE creates well defined applications on given topic by providing relevant and concise information in form of GUI environment. JADE provides easy process of development by ensuring set of services and agents. The current paper also focuses on JADE features including its intended architecture model, its tools that are useful in building development environment. It also covers Interaction Protocols and provides information about communication between agents. There are various versions of JADE that does not match with latest content languages and ontologies that are used in JADE. It also supports ontologies with the help of Content Reference Model.

Keywords: Information Retrieval, Multi Agent Systems (MAS), Ontology, JADE


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