Search Engine Optimization of E-Commerce Website using Apache SOLR

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Sanket Patil
Rajeshkannan R


The Internet and the World Wide Web have bought significant changes in the emerging global economy. With the rapid development of Internet, electronic commerce has developed very sharply. Nowadays, most people use search engines more often for information and new websites. In one word, the search engines have become an indispensable part of Internet users. Search Engine Optimization, called SEO for short, is important to websites, which will improve the rank for search engines and get more page views. This paper puts forward various strategies which aims at search optimization such as site structure optimization, content optimization, minimal use of redirection statements etc. and represents the new approaches which makes use of SEO strategies. This new approaches are developed with the help of upcoming search technology like Apache SOLR. Moreover, it also provides the experimental analysis with several demanding e-commerce websites which indicates that the search engine optimization is achieved over them.

Keywords: e-commerce, SEO, Apache SOLR etc.


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