Agent Vs Object with an in-depth insight to Multi-Agent Systems

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Mohamed Osama Khozium
Adnan Ghazi Abuarafah, Hussam Aleem Mohammed


In this paper we illustrate the meaning, definitions and importance of intelligent software agent by contrasting agents with objects. Agents are indeed considered to be an evolutionary step forward from objects. The paper is dedicated to visualize the importance and awareness of the agents and multi-agents and will give suitable examples on them. There are many interesting works showing a methodological approach for Multi-Agent system development. These approaches must be compared to identify the best possible Multi-Agent methodology. Furthermore, this paper highlights the multi agents structure, methodologies and common applications and provide surveys that allow researchers/developers to determine the directions in which agent-oriented methodologies are best suited to achieve goals of a particular project or system. Agents provide software designers and developers with a way of structuring applications around autonomous, communicative components and offer a new and often more appropriate route to the development of complex computational systems, especially in open and dynamic environments.

Keywords: Multi-agent methodologies; Agent environment; Intelligent agent; Prometheus; agent Percepts; agent actions.


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